Fast data exploration for data teams, for everyone

Empower your whole team to answer questions without SQL and start making better decisions faster

Start building a collaborative data culture

Self-serve data visualization on the modern data stack

Don't spend all your time managing a BI tool.

Glean gets your team access to data without painful integrations and complicated markup languages.

Instantly profile and explore data

No more labor-intensive dashboard building.

Glean gives you an instant overview of your metrics with beautiful dashboards out of the box.

Always shareable and interactive

Get your team into data with interactive charts everyone can customize.

Every element of a chart is interactive, so you can see the underlying data or drill in to understand more. No more static charts that leave you wondering "what happened that week?"

Dashboards that don't break

Your users shouldn't have to tell you a dashboard is broken.

For advanced teams, Glean integrates with version control to run continuous integration. Code changes are validated and upstream data warehouse issues are flagged before your users know.

Built for scale

Secure and Compliant: Glean is SOC2 and HIPAA compliant. We sign Business Associates Agreements.

Role-Based Access Control: Create customized roles for your organization and restrict which users have access to which data.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment: Check all of your resources into git and deploy changes to separate staging and production environments.

Join the Team

We're a lean, well-funded team with decades of experience building data products.

We're looking for customer-obsessed people from all backgrounds that are excited to solve challenging problems and empower modern data teams.

Our team has worked at big tech companies like Amazon and Google — but also at tech startups in healthcare, education and government. We're interested in how data can impact the rest of the world, not just Silicon Valley.

BI you'll actually enjoy using