Software Engineer, Backend

We’re looking for engineers to join our founding team and help us invent the future of data analytics. We’re interested in talking to talented engineers up and down the stack, but for this role we're focused on engineers that lean towards backend and distributed systems development.

We’re an early team so we’re still establishing large parts of our software stack - you will have major ownership over the product and you’ll help us pick the right technologies. We have a culture of autonomy and ownership and want engineers who are excited to drive the company forward. As an early employee you’ll help us craft our culture and will be aware of (or participate in) customer development and goto market.

About you:

  • You love to build high-quality, reliable, well-tested systems that solve real problems.
  • You have experience designing scalable, reliable architectures that are secure and compliant.
  • You have experience identifying performance bottlenecks, triaging system failures and coming up with innovative solutions to prevent these failures in the future.
  • You are excited to research, drive, and own our data processing infrastructure.


  • Experience building data analytics applications.
  • Experience building products in a regulated field.
  • Familiarity with our current application stack: Python, React / Redux, GraphQL, Redis, Flask, Celery, and Docker.
  • Experience using AWS services like S3, DynamoDB, and Cloudwatch.
  • Experience with analytics DBMS’s like Presto, BigQuery, Hive, Redshift and Snowflake.
  • Experience with data processing technologies like Spark, Dask, Presto, and Apache Arrow.


Reach out if you're interested at

Software Engineer, Backend

NYC, Remote
Compensation Ranges
120 - 200k
0.2 - 1.0%